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Historic Building Research

Illustrating the breadth of service, ToornendPartners offers advice and support for clients that own or use listed buildings. Listed buildings hold cultural and/or historic value making preservation a key issue. In the event of alterations, in acquiring the specific permit sometimes a requirement is set for research  into the building's history.


Our independent and objective research maps the relevant historical and functional aspects. In accordance with the research scope and standards, research is done including aspects as historical context, form, construction, materials and other specific characteristics. On-site inspection followed by thorough documentary research can unfold changes that have been made in the course of time. Research results are then translated a valuation of the building as a whole and it's components. This in-depth view allows for the proper assessment of the possibilities for changes by the client and governmental agencies and departments involved. With the acquired knowledge at hand, developing and designing modifications can be done with proper consideration for the historical values.


Our findings can also be incorporated in the specialized preservation schedules we make for National Monuments and other listed buildings or sites, enabling clients to qualify and apply for and government subsidies and grants.