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Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules and Contracting
Every asset requires maintenance to maintain it’s proper working condition and value. Long and short term maintenance schedules are the requisite tools for insight into necessary works and related expenditure, enabling management to plan the works and acquire and allocate required means. ToornendPartners offers a comprehensive range of services regarding maintenance schedules, setting the requirements for the maintenance condition in accordance with the Dutch standard NEN 2767, best practices and own experience. We determine the necessary work content but also the lifecycle expectancies and cost projections, taking into account (if applicable) the differentiated responsibilities between the owner and end users. Specialized preservation schedules are made for National Monuments and other listed buildings or sites, enabling clients to qualify and apply for and government subsidies and grants. In addition to the services mentioned, ToornendPartners has extensive experience in all contracting and other legal aspects related to (shared) maintenance.


Life Cycle
The total running cost of any asset during its lifespan are usually substantially higher that the original investments made when building it. Taking this into consideration at the earliest possible stage of a project and making this one of the fundamentals in the process, is key to reaching optimal durability and sustainability in relation to the available means. ToornendPartners incorporates this aspect throughout the process, from the brief through to the design and construction stage. In keeping with the client’s policies and means a pallet of well substantiated options regarding Life Cycle Cost (maintenance and running costs in accordance with NEN 2748 if applicable) is formulated, facilitating the decision-making process.