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Theatres technology

Theatres, opera houses and concert halls are special buildings where artists and professionals work to entertain an audience. They feature specific high-grade technology that is geared entirely to supporting the performance and is invisible to the public. The complex logistical processes are literally hiding behind the scenes.

The construction of a new theatre and adaptation of an existing theatre ask for a project-based approach. Maintenance, renovation and adjustments usually have to be done during the summer break. Here our knowledge and experience in construction and project management come into play, along with our up-to-date, specialized knowledge of state-of-the-art theatre technology. We can use this knowledge for the preparation of the project brief and the organization of tender procedures but also for comprehensive consultancy and project guidance.

ToornendPartners is a product independent organization. In this relatively small and specialized industry we are hired by clients who want bespoke solutions and will not be satisfied with standard advice. In the field of theatre technology and construction there is an obvious need for the no-nonsense way in which ToornendPartners tackles technical issues.

ToornendPartners has already supervised various mechanization projects and successfully completed a wide range of theatre-related technical consultancy projects and tenders. Our specialist service is extended with specific multi-year maintenance plans and service contracts for theatre buildings. The all-encompassing vision and approach of ToornendPartners also apply to these aspects.