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Social involvement

ToornendPartners endorses the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is detailed into internal policies in our Quality Manual. CSR is reflected in projects, for example in the brief and the tender procedures. Therein, ToornendPartners spotlights energy issues, origins, the environmental impact of materials and related matters. We also impose these requirements upon ourselves with regard to our purchasing.


Knowledge transfer and sharing is one of the spearheads of CSR. Our employees receive in-house training. ToornendPartners offers traineeships, research and student placements as well, also for the supporting business processes. Other forms of knowledge transfer include a guest lectureship at the Reinwardt Academy, lectures and workshops.


More and more frequently we put in our knowledge and time free of charge to support cultural and social organizations. Particularly in this era of decreasing government support, those organizations have to rely on their own means. Through the organization Cultuur-Ondernemen (Culture-Entrepreneurship; formerly known as Kunst & Zaken) ToornendPartners has actively participated since 2005 in several projects where we provide coaching and guidance to cultural organizations on issues regarding construction and buildings. Further support is given in the form of sponsorship, advertising contributions and corporate memberships in the Netherlands and abroad. Approximately 5% of our annual revenue is used in this way.