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Pioneering in Project Management

ToornendPartners was founded in 1971 (initially known as IPO and later on as Toornend & Partners). It started as an office of engineers working as consultants and project managers for clients. The mission was and still is, to incorporate engineering knowledge and experience in the earliest stages of a building plan in order to avoid missteps along the way. Traditionally we had been hired to solve problems once they had occurred. Like in all other things, prevention is the key.


ToornendPartners is amongst a handful of pioneers in the field of the project based work approach in (re)construction projects in The Netherlands, and are still working on the widest possible range of projects, diverse in typology, scale and complexity.


We develop and maintain all required knowledge of different aspects of construction and buildings to be able to offer all our clients the best advice and  a holistic, comprehensive approach to support and guide them  throughout the project.


High quality work, dedication to and long-term bonds with clients are our main objectives.