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Cost Management

Costing, controlling cost and budget are an important in our work we for clients. A project only succeeds if aspirations and funds are in balance. Good cost information is an imperative in the earliest and the following stages. Cost and budget management goes beyond registering expenditure. It requires an in-depth grasp of the building process and the largest amount of foresight possible.


Cost and budget management ensures that the project scope is achieved within the budget. This applies to the construction costs and other investments required. It takes effort and all creativity to bring the necessary balance about and maintain it throughout the project. The brief should not contain a project scope that is not feasible. Once the project scope and budget are approved, we subdivide the budget into manageable parts. Detailed information enables detailed monitoring and maximum control.


ToornendPartners has developed BudPro, software for cost and budget management moulded to fit our  mission in achieving maximum clarity and transparency. It offers all the necessary management information for our clients and can seamlessly fit their financial administration system.