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Project Plan

All projects are characterised by temporary collaboration of a specifically selected team. A good project organisation is flexible, decisive and enables the client to have accurate, up-to-date information: essential to the decision-making process. A clear objective, how and when, which tasks are assigned lay the base for a harmonious and productive collaboration. Good teamwork ensures good result.


The three consecutive questions to be asked are: "what?, how? and who?". The project brief or programme contains a comprehensive and clear description the project scope and objective. That answers the first question. How to reach that objective is stipulated in the Project Plan: the shape and form of the process, the most effective approach and which expertise is required when.. That answers the question" who?". Planning, a clear allocation of tasks and responsibilities, the communication and information plan complete the picture.


Once approved by the client the Brief and Project Plan together form the base for all the necessary products, steps and assignments given. ToornendPartners monitors, controls and guides the project by the principles stipulated in these documents throughout the project.