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Risk Management

Projects are by definition unique and there is always an amount of the unknown or risk involved. The essence of good project management therefore lies in signalling potential risks on time, the proper assessment  of the consequences and formulating fitting mitigating measures. Forming such an integral part risk management is the corner stone of and incorporated in our project management practice: from writing the brief, the project plan, costing  and the procurement process for partners in the design and construction process. Their awareness of risks must be equally acute. Knowledge and experience are the basis on which we develop the furthest possible foresight. This is an asset we offer our clients.     


Apart from risk management being incorporated in out project management work, we can equally apply risk management in our consultancy, by way of second opinions, feasibility studies etc. A second opinion can be carried out in any project phase and on any specific part such as the design, project organisation, budget, costing  and construction risks.