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Projects require the input of specific knowledge and products, from various technical, design and construction disciplines. Bringing the right ones together, the right way at the right time is an art. It takes an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and creativity to get it right. Understanding this art fully, ToornendPartners custom designs every procurement to fit legal requirements and the objectives of the project and the client, either based on our own technical specifications or another consultant's. Should the required technical expertise not be available in house, we confer with our client to bring this expertise in.


Amongst the considerations is a widening range of legislation and statutes. More clients are confronted with the obligation to follow certain tender procedures. Often considered a constrictive burden, it doesn't have to be. In our experience and in our projects it never is. Handled correctly, tendering is a useful tool to get the right quality for the right price.


We underwrite 'Kompas Light', a guideline for the procurement of architects services.


A selection of successfully completed procedures can be found here.