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Adaptive reuse

Adaptive reuse of property means making buildings suitable for another function. This results in the sustainable use of an already existing structure. The living environment benefits from sustainable and careful development to combat vacancy and maintain the social or cultural value of buildings.

Adaptive reuse often requires a long process that leads to extraordinary results, because the building’s new features increase its economic and social value. This improves the quality of the living environment.

ToornendPartners examines what new features are needed and which of these can be achieved within the building. Technical research on the building’s structural condition and the extent to which interventions are possible provide clarity in this regard.

Subsequently, ToornendPartners creates an overview of costs and potential revenue and formulates the conditions that will enable sustainable use. ToornendPartners examines aspects such as market value, financing and funding opportunities.

With its knowledge regarding construction and buildings, ToornendPartners has all of the necessary expertise to successfully guide the process of sustainable adaptive reuse.