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Building Consultancy

A building is a calling card for an organisation that should functionally support the efficiency of the work process of an organisation. Running and maintenance costs should be as low as possible without harming functionality, future possibilities and sustainability. ToornendPartners has the knowledge, experience and creativity to support clients in all considerations regarding their building(s).


The consideration is usually between a building strictly built to fit or taking flexibility in to account. To determine the best possible fit, we analyse the organisation, it's work process and short and long term needs. Besides space requirements, logistics and technical aspects, financial parameters are taken into account, researching running costs, maintenance costs and the basic choice between ownership or opting for lease.      


We model scenarios such as maintaining and/or modifying the existing building, a new building and/or location and other options. Other parameters are required investments, consequences for employees, clients and services, environmental aspects, planning, risks and opportunities. With the integral comparison of all the scenarios, ToornendPartners supplies essential information for the decision-making process, being able to support clients throughout the following process.