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Planning damage and expropriation

The plans of others can cause damage if they change the existing situation of a building or location in such a way that depreciation occurs. Plans can also lead to expropriation or cancellation of lease or rental agreements, sometimes resulting in the forced termination of business activities. In these cases there is damage and compensation is required.


Damage calculation and payment
The legal grounds for compensation are clear, but what is fair and reasonable must be determined on a case by case basis. ToornendPartners is able to give advice in such a matter, supported by transparent assumptions and calculations. We have expertise and experience in the field of construction and real estate and know the sometimes conflicting interests of the parties involved. We bring an objective perspective to subjective elements so that they get measurable proportions.


Approach and content
We give advice on the steps to be taken and the principles for compensation, and we do a detailed and itemized calculation of what a fair and reasonable remuneration is for full compensation. Long-term court procedures are sometimes unavoidable, but often an amicable arrangement can be reached. The strategy for the negotiation process is part of our advice. We support and guide our clients in the conclusion of the contract(s) in which the results achieved are recorded.


ToornendPartners represents the interests of the client. At the express request of both parties, we can also act for both of them as an independent third party.