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Project analysis

Because of services rendered on previous occassions, ToornendPartners is sometimes asked to get stalled projects moving again. Stranded projects create a downward spiral of distrust, rising costs and loss of quality. ToornendPartners is able to break this downward spiral; building should be fun.

ToornendPartners is able to analyse and understand projects and processes within a short time span. We analyse the contracts, the project organization, the division of tasks and responsibilities, the relationship between the budget and the wishes and needs, and the allocation of project risks from an independent, fresh perspective. We then assess how the project organization is functioning, if the agreements made are achievable and whether or not they are observed.

Because of this experience, ToornendPartners is also asked to analyse projects and processes after their implementation. As projects have a long duration and personnel changes occur with the client, project knowledge disappears over time.
In addition, ToornendPartners can act as a ‘hands-on’ expert in arbitrations in support of the legal team.