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Feasibility studies

The initiative for a building project or plan usually stems from a new/changed need for accommodation or discrepancies in existing accommodation. This can spark the wildest ideas and the most radical solutions. A feasibility study can separate successful ideas from castles in the air.


A common view is that in early stages of a project little or at least not enough reliable information is available to answer the most fundamental question of all: do we invest or not? ToornendPartners holds a different view. With the right knowledge, experience and creativity reliable forecasts can be made, feasibility can be modeled and tested.


Feasibility does not only depend on spatial and planning frameworks but also on technical and financial possibilities. The ToornendPartners approaches touches on all relevant aspects, in a full risk analysis or a quick scan. If required, alternatives can be developed. Besides extensive knowledge of the building process and technology ToornendPartners is an expert in (commercial) real estate, enabling both cost and future market value to be considered. The complete picture of options and pitfalls for when making the right decision is crucial.