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Building Surveys

There are various types of inspections and surveys matching the different matters or purposes at hand. ToornendPartners, as independent consultant, has the requisite knowledge and experience to offer the widest possible range and depth in this field. Examples are given below. 


Site Acceptance Tests and Completion Surveys

The in the completion and acceptance phase of a new building sometimes some deficiencies or discrepancies remain, even though the ownership of and responsibility for the building moves from the contractor to the client and warranties come into effect. It is vital that before ownership passes a detailed survey of the state of completion is done. Given the possible legal consequences, ToornendPartners advises and carries out preliminary surveys and final surveys, setting the date of acceptance when completion is at nothing short of 100%.


Condition Surveys

Following the Dutch standard NEN 2767 ToornendPartners surveys, assess and  objectively and comprehensively record building conditions. Usually as a base for planned preventative maintenance schedules for owners or end users. Such schedules are essential for the efficient management and maintenance of assets. Specialized on-site preservation surveys are deployed for National Monuments and other listed buildings or sites, enabling clients to qualify and apply for and government subsidies and grants.


Deficiencies, Damages and Consequential Loss

ToornendPartners is often consulted in cases of technical defects and deficiencies and ensuing direct and/or consequential loss. Application of inappropriate or substandard work and or products are usually to blame, which can be problematic when these are discovered after the period of warranty. 

ToornendPartners analyses and assesses possible and probable causes and designing fitting solutions with cost estimations. We draft objective and comprehensive reports for execution and/or legal purposes.