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A Good Brief

A good brief clearly defines what the project end result is the client wishes to achieve. It sets all requirements and conditions for the design team to incorporate in the design and technical specifications. Befitting a document that is the main guideline for the artistic and technical creative output of those involved during the project, a good brief is more than a run-down of space requirements, diagrams, technical requirements and statutes. A ToornendPartners brief gives a complete overview of the clients ambitions, wants  and needs. Analyzing the work process, integrating client and end user interviews we formulate all the relevant client specific requirements.


As a guideline, all requirements in the brief should be covered by the available means. Balancing this out in the earliest possible stage, is key to a successful project. If necessary, we advise clients on adjustments to align the brief with the budget, also considering the aspect of time. 


Once balanced, the brief, the budget and planning are the strictly monitored framework within which all developments take place and by which they are all checked and approved.