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Contract Management

Rooted in engineering backgrounds, extensive knowledge and experience, consultants of ToornendPartners is ideally equipped to deal with the commercial, technical and legal aspects of all forms of contracting regarding real estate and/or the building process. For every project, ToornendPartners creates the contracting strategy to fit the requirements of the client. Contract management starts with negotiations and reaching agreement between parties on (mutual) obligations. Then the monitoring process follows checking  compliance with and fulfilment of obligations, including payments.


In the building process many consultants and contractors need to be involved. The proper alignment or gearing of obligations to one another is essential. This starts with defining the separate obligations regarding required input, responsibilities and tasks and aspects of risk mitigation, drafting the contracts and concluded with  setting the corresponding remuneration. Then follows selecting and contracting the most suitable consultants and contractors available.


ToornendPartners can and does shape and monitor the entire process from its conception, its content and if applicable, the necessary cohesion between contracts and the timely fulfilment of obligations: all keys to the successful conclusion of any project.