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Long-term accommodation plan

Strategic policy document
Since 2004, all Dutch health care facilities are required to prepare a long-term accommodation plan (Dutch abbreviation: LTHP) and update it every four years. An LTHP is a strategic policy document in which the health care institution translates its care vision into its accommodation needs in order to justify (future) investments.


ToornendPartners translates a health care institution’s vision into accommodation consequences. These consequences may lead to adjustments, sale or acquisition of property. ToornendPartners examines the technical quality and usefulness of the existing accommodation. In addition, amongst other things, the (operating) costs and possible optimizations thereof are reviewed.


ToornendPartners draws up a clear strategic advisory report that includes, amongst other things, the research results, the steps that need to be taken in the short term and a long-term planning for the realization of the set goals, including their financial implications.
ToornendPartners has the expertise to support adaptations of the property portfolio and take care of the complete project management for new build constructions, conversions and renovations.